Written and directed by Victor Vroegindeweij

Victor Vroegindeweij is an award winning documentary film director from the Netherlands. He specialises in documentary film and advertising. His award winning productions include feature films, television and commercial films. 

He focusses on the 'human experience' and is interested in the strategies people create to deal with the 'problem of life'. He believes that all human activity, whether it’s our work or family, our career or our obsessions for food, our love for art or the relentless pursuit of happiness, they are all strategies we develop to forget that life is senseless and that we are all mortal.


Director of Photography
Mick van Dantzig


Mick looked at the camera budget and decided to make a bold move: He bought a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and a couple of cheap Japanese lenses from SLR Magic. This way we where able to secure a whole lot more shooting days then we would have if we'd use the Alexa Mini or whatever else.

Mick shot this one gorgeously, with a great eye for where a scene is going. Both stylist and storyteller, Mick deserves all the praise he is getting for this film. 

DP Tokyo and Thailand by Jefrim Rothuizen.

Audio engineer Eric Leek

Eric Leek is somewhat of a audio legend, here in The Netherlands. 

Additional sound: David Spaans and Dennis Kersten


Fresh out of Art Academy, Tim started working as an editor at a Dutch broadcaster where he teamed-up with documentary director Victor Vroegindeweij, who - like Tim - had an interest in exploring the boundaries between fiction and documentary. They worked on the documentary ‘Play with it’ about Rutger Hauer; the price-winning documentary ‘Chanaika’; and ‘For better or for Worse’, a documentary disguised as a music-video. 

Recently, Tim has been working as an editor on short and feature fiction films, documentary films, animations and especially films that blur the lines between those genres. Notable examples include: ‘Shock Head Soul’ (Orrizonti competition Venice 2011), ‘I Love Hooligans’ (competition Clermont-Ferrand 2014), ‘New’ (Hot Docs 2015) and 'Robin's Road Trip' (nominated for an International Emmy).

Patrick got addicted to film ever since his first job in a video store. 
It’s the art of editing that consumes him, always looking
for new ways to imbue stories with a vital energy. The purpose is magic: to help find a string of images and sounds that will grasp the spectator ’s mind and emotions. Favourite quote: the brain is the screen. 

Editing team Tim Roza and Patrick Schonewille

Bruce Dern

Bruce Dern is an American actor, often playing supporting villainous characters of unstable nature. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Coming Home (1978) and the Academy Award for Best Actor for Nebraska (2013). His other film appearances include The Cowboys (1972), The Hateful Eight (2015) and many, many more.

Bruce Dern.jpg


Witfilm is the production company of director Boudewijn Koole (a.o. Beyond Sleep and Little Bird) and producer Iris Lammertsma. Witfilm focuses on creative, social and youth
documentaries, its key assets being concept development and intensive counseling of
filmmakers, resulting in innovative, visually powerful films of artistic nature dealing with
subjects that are thought-provoking at all times. Witfilm (co-) produces both nationally and internationally. Awarded and nominated productions include the feature length
documentaries Transit Havana (Daniel Abma, 2016), Bring The Jews Home (Eefje
Blankevoort/Arnold van Bruggen, 2016), Inside The Chinese Closet (Sophia Luvarà, 2015), Battles (Isabelle Tollenaere, 2015) and Happily Ever After (Tatjana Bozic, 2014). By making high quality and visually exciting films, Witfilm aims at contributing to a thriving documentary sector nationally and internationally.

Executive Producers: Iris Lammertsma & Boudewijn Koole
Line Producers: Nienke Rispens & Nazima Mintjes
Media management: Rob Maas
Scriptcoach: Sarah Vos

Production Team

Editor-in-chief Document: Jelle Peter de Ruiter
Production manager: Yolande van der Blij
Production assistant: Leonie van Zanten


Jeroen Goeiers & Tim Roza

Sound Design

Quanwei Tong @ Captcha

Qianwei (or Vivian, for friends) is one of The Netherlands upcoming grading talents. She works at Captcha, the infamous post production powerhouse. 


Sander Brouwer is the God of film poster and title design. Period.

Graphic Design

Leon, Monique & Youri Bemelmans
Hennie & Erwin Coenen
Julia Budd
Alexis Dufresne
Arlene Blencowe

Scott Cooker
Rich Chou
Mike Kogan
Bellator MMA / Viacom
Menna Laura Meijer
Tom Fassaert
Reineke Otten
Govert Janse
Meike Statema
Marty Keizer
Sjoerd van den Broek

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